About Us

Ross & Baruzzini | Mitchell Planning is the nation’s leading provider of medical equipment planning, procurement, and installation management services. The company works throughout the United States and abroad and has planned and implemented some of the largest healthcare projects in the world. Ross & Baruzzini | Mitchell Planning has successfully completed more than nine hundred projects and has planned more than $5 billion worth of medical equipment, procuring an average of nearly $9 million per week on behalf of our clients. We are an objective consultant with no financial ties to manufacturers.

Medical equipment is multifaceted with a vast set of product options that require specifications, sourcing, expediting and coordination of installation. With Ross & Baruzzini | Mitchell Planning, you get total accountability for medical equipment – from project inception to occupancy.

In 2013, Mitchell introduced Value Point powered by Mitchell, working with our customers for annual capital equipment advisory services.

The diverse and comprehensive portfolio of medical equipment planning, procurement, installation and relocation services that Ross & Baruzzini | Mitchell Planning offers continues to provide long-term value in the market.